Radiance free 3D model repository

The Radiance model repository is a free, open-source repository of 3D models, textures, lighting files, and Radiance material definitions which can be used in scenes.

This repository is also accessible as a public read-only rsync daemon. For example, if you want to download the entire repository for offline use, you can run:

rsync -avz rsync://thinkmoult.com/radiance .

About this 3D model repository

It is fairly common to find 3D models in various formats online which have materials defined for popular rendering engines. However, when producing renders with Radiance, we are interested in 3D models that are to scale, have a certain level of detail built into it, and also have materials, lights, and textures defined in a very specific way. This means that existing repositories are not too useful. Here's what you'll find in this repository:

I have written a little bit about why we need a Radiance free 3D model repository, which describes some of my motivations behind hosting this repository. I hope these ideas resonate with you.


You are encouraged to contribute to this repository! You can contribute by:


If you have any comments, please send them to dion@thinkmoult.com.